DM 8000 - I give in

  • Hi all, I have now given up with DMM, I have been a loyal customer for many years now, but I feel let down by DMM with the DM8000 not yet to be seen after such a long time, I have just gone out and bought a HDTV satellite receiver from another German company.

    I suppose this post will be deleted by the "Forum Police"

    Goodbye all, best regards from North Wales (UK)....

  • Sadly enough ... I keep waiting, tough.

    Hopefully, the new box will be so attractive that you'll become a Dreamer once again.



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  • Same thing here. I am also planning to buy a sat receiver with the sattelite dish.I am dying to buy the Dreambox DM 8000HD PVR as it is equipped with HDMI port and other best features unlike DM800 HD PVR.
    But due to uknown plans for release of this product feels like I will be forced to buy a satellite receiver from another brand.

  • HDMI? Nope. You mean DVI, right?

    Now buying another receiver is like quitting in the 11th hour. Coitus interruptus, if you know what i mean. ;-)


    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • mamba0815
    Hi there, I have been a member of this forum since November 2003 and we have been told that the DM8000s is comming soon for over a year now, you say in your post "Now buying another receiver is like quitting in the 11th hour" if you mean DMM 11hours then this could turn into many hundreds of hours, as we say in the UK 'Don't hold your breath' BTW the box I bought cost 270 UK Pounds, which is less than the DM800 is reported to be, I'm told by the UK dealers Approx. 350 UKP.


  • Hi Welshman,

    so you bought a Vauxhall wanting a Mercedes? Kidding.

    Seriously, as there isn't so much HD TV footage on air these days yet (at least not on continental Europe), I don't miss the 8k too much. So I enjoy my 2006 SD TV investment (DM7020) with a gazillion of plugins (dreamcamip personally nominated for the plugin of the decade ;-)).

    I keep my horses held. ;-)


    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan


    I'm still stuck with an old DM 500+. And I can wait a little longer for the 8K, but not much!!!

    Here thats all thats available at the moment (poor old MACEDONIA!!!).



  • The blurry image is almost, almost cleared I will be waiting for DM 8K but my patients will run out eventually because the competitors are catching up.

    The specifications for DM 8000 3 years ago when it was first announced were impressive indeed but as the years have passed they are not as impressive now adays. They are including a DVD player but todays and tomorrows technology is Blu Ray. HDMI output not available and everyone knows how important that is. Now there is talk of satellite broadcasters talking about 1080p transmission with 7.1 sound I guess all these features will be added to DM 8020 or 8025 but when will that be 2030

    I hope I really really hope DM 8000 is released before my patience runs out, or before there is a better alternative out there as I said competitors of dreambox are catching very fast I fear they may be able to overtake and take advantage of the Dreamer dissappointment

    I have a DREAM

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  • Quote

    HDMI output not available and everyone knows how important that is

    there's an hdmi adapter included and sound works, too... so what's your problem (see dm800).
    Tell me, which TV Channel is Broadcasting 7.1 Sound?

    It's everyones free choice to buy whatever he wants to, so if you're lucky with your new STB i can't see anything wrong there ;).

    But I actually don't see any sense in your posting as most of your points are simply pretty wrong...

    mfg ,

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  • Well my post is just another of many posts expressing dissappointment in release of DM 8000 and the lack of information. I heavn't given up on waiting yet, DM 800 is just been released and obvioulsy in a business sense need to wait and see how that does.

    But if the release of DM 8000 is pushed further than Summer 2008 then I need something to replace my 7020 mainly due to HD channel since I have a HD TV and some other uses that I am interested in.

    Well HDMI for me is not much of a problem since I would be using DVI- HDMI for video and Optical Sound

    Regarding the 7.1 I was just putting a point forward that the longer the delay of the relase of DM8000 the older the technology in the box is getting I don't think Dream-multimedia is aware of that.

    As for the loyalty of costumers I am the most loyal you can get I have a dreambox for many years and have recomended to at least 15 of my friends, which by the way have all now have been hooked to dreambox. It is one of the most expensive set-top boxes around but I will still be willing to pay as much as it is ask for. If DM 8000 in the comes out this summer I will be willing to pay up to 1200Euro for full features withough hesitation.

    Well my friend thats a loyal costumer Dream- multimedia should also try and concentrate in not loosing these type of customers

    But this patience is running very thin and as I said there are competitors that are trying to beat dream and remember some have come close and getting closer, and if the developers get on their side then is all bad news and that is the wrong strategy isn't it?

    I have a DREAM

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  • In another thread there is a link to a German magazine talking about DM8k being shown at the ANGA, plus, that a series of 50 boxes are given to 50 field test user (preselected by DMM). So the we are getting closer to the 12th hour.



    PS: Why waiting? They say this, too. PIP with 2 HDTV chans, recording on HDTV stream onto HDD, watching the other on the TV ... not bad after all!

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • I suppose that answer for my question is given somewhere here on the board in germane but I don't know this language.

    Will DM8000 suppory DivX/XviD codecs? I read specyfication and it'll decode MPEG4/H.264 codec but it's not the same.
    H264 is part 10
    Divx/XviD is part 2

    I think that they aren't directly compatibility. Can someone answer this question?

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  • At the moment it's not supported and it's also not foreseeable to happen right now.
    I wouldn't count on it.



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  • Thanks for the info, its nice to know that there are 50 "beta" testers out there, it will be even nicer if Dream Multimedia made any announcement on when they intend to release the DM8000.

    I am new to the Dream scene but I would like to buy an 8000 instead of an 800 as there is no point in getting a model that will be shortly superceded by a better model.

    Is one month from now a reasonable time to expect release of the 8000 or will that be crystal ball gazing.


  • It would be the latter ;)


    "All we need to do ... is keep talking (Stephen Hawking)"

    Ich leiste KEINEN Support per PN/E-Mail, derartige Anfragen werden nicht beantwortet.
    I won't give support via PN/E-Mail and I won't answer such messages.

  • I'm also situation where I have to buy HD satellite receiver. I have looked four different one and two of them are Dreambox.

    Dreambox 800 and Dreambox 8000 (of course). How ever, I have two pay-cards and Dreambox 800 has only one smartcard reader. Also I have two Satellite Dish and one has DiSEqC 1.2 motor.

    So, I think Dreambox 8000 would be more better to my situation, even if I could get Dreambox 800 work with external com-port card reader.

    I ask here: When is Dreambox 8000 relesed. At least do You know if it is released this summer (europe) or next year?

  • Hi every one :)
    Is there any one there who can help me with Dreambox DM 800 HD PVR. I am trying to use Hotbird 13.0, I'm going at "Service Searching" and then asking me to select "Tuner configuration" next is " Configuration Mode " , I am looking to select Hotbird 13.0 but is not there, the only Satellite is there is Eutelsat W2 16.0 and Eurobird1/Astra 2A/2B/2D 28.2 . How can i get or ADD the Hotbird 13.0 to "Configuration Mode" ? ? ?
    if there is some one who can help me Please !
    Thanks very much.