Setup Wizard

  • During the initial setup, a Wizard comes up and asks you to setup the box. When it gets to the satellite configuration, for rcvr A the user has only two options, simple and advanced. Then for the rcvr B, you can have simple, advanced, motorized, etc? What is the logic here? What if I want to connect my motor to rcvr A?
    I understand that this is done to make sure that the motor only gets control signals from one rcvr, but it can easily be solved by letting the user to select it to be connected to whatever rcvr they want and once that is done, block the other rcvr from selecting it. Please!

  • TheDOC,

    Sure, although it doesn't make sense, I'll try it.

    The reason that I am saying it doesn't make sense is bacause it is under the simple setting. simple means very straight forward and nothing else. I'd expect t ofind it under the advanced setting and I was hoping to find a motor setup under advanced. I hope you see the point here. As a user, I am confused.

    So, what should I be looking for with simple setting?