Manual Bouquet edit

  • Hi Dreamlovers!
    I tried to edit my own bouquet list but i'm not shure if I do right.
    I have made copies of and named them and and that's I think OK.

    But what about the file
    Is my text below OK or should I write #SERVICE: 1:7:1:0, #SERVICE: 1:7:2:0, #SERVICE: 1:7:3:0 and so on?
    Or should all services have the same numbers 1:7:1:0:0....?
    #NAME Bouquets (TV)
    Please explain!


    // RH

  • So it works for me:

    file /etc/enigma2/

    #NAME Bouquets (TV)

    file /etc/enigma2/

    file /etc/enigma2/

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  • Hi,

    But how can I enable multiple bouqet in my dm7025, the newest software does not allow that in the setup?

    Please consider that I'm a newbie :baby:

  • Hi guys,

    I found the answer, it is already mentioned in Bouquet erstellen - Favoriten verwalten post :].

    We need to go in usage and enable multiple Bouquet. ;)