7025 UHF signal audio problem

  • Please provide some information about the hard- and software used.

    Box type:7025
    GUI (enigma1/enigma2): enigma2
    Firmware version:2.0

    UHF modulator

    I recently got a 7025 and have found that with both the 2.0b and 2.0 (latest DMM) image that the UHF signal has a poor audio channel.

    with my 5620 in the past, I needed to changed the audio sub-carrier from 5.5 to 6.0 (Ireland TV). These settings are also present in the 7025 gui but don't seem to have any effect no matter what I set them to.

    Any ideas on how to sort this out?

  • Hi,

    sorry, this is a bug in currents images. It will be fixed in the next version.

    As a workaround, you can telnet into the box and type "modprobe rfmod". After that, you can configure the rfmod.

  • anyone know for sure if this is fixed yet?

    I tried the dreamville updates and have since seen several new features added such as the leadtime for recordings etc and what seems to be a fixed auto-scan for sats.

    But the UHF settings are still not working and when I try the recommended modprobe, I lose UHF altogether until I reboot.

  • if "modprobe rfmod" changes anything, then the update doesn't include the required fix. It's possible that its a part which isn't updated. It's fixed in the OE for sure (at least i think so).

    The default setting for the RF modulator is "off". after the rmmod, you have to switch it back on. It's arguable whether the default setting is a good one, though :)

  • So how/where do I get the OE that its fixed in?.. is this a CVS image somewhere or is there an update procedure to get the latest packages

  • many thanks for that.. I just got an email from the IHAD folk today that their Gemini beta is being released this evening.. so I will probably try that also in case is included the CVS update.

    I had great results using Gemini on the 5620 so I am hoping it will prove as successful with the 7025.. fingers crossed.