The fate of old devices

  • Hello,

    I have a question and I think the answer is expected from members, but I hope to get an official final answer.

    While these devices are still sold in some countries ( DM520 / DM525 / DM900 ultraHD / DM920 ultraHD ) What the fate of these devices in the future?

    Will the new administration continue to support these devices, Or they will only support new devices ( ONE UltraHD / TWO UltraHD / Seven UltraHD ).

    These devices seem a bit old, but there are still teams that support these devices and they still work very well.

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  • So there is no official answer to my questions?!!

    Most of these devices need at least one recent update to fix recent changes to the feeds.

    Since migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, most of these devices are currently unable to connect to the feeds

    For example, DM520 currently can't connect to the feed unless you manually download three add-ons so it can connect to the feed again.

    1- libcurl4_7.47.1-r0.5_mipsel.deb

    2- apt-transport-https_1.0.10.1-r0.5_mipsel.deb

    3- ca-certificates_20211016-r0.0_all.deb

    Why haven't we been notified of this since the feeds have been updated and brought back again?!!

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  • Max11

    Technical support service is not available now. please try again later. :grinning_squinting_face:

    Don't expect them to answer your questions, even if they continue to support all boxes, no one trusts them now, even if they produce Dreambox 8K.