Dreambox Seven

  • In der NimManager.py vom AIO steht "new STiD135", wäre das der neue DVB-S2X Tuner und Demodulator der seven gewesen?

    und hätte sie 3 USB 3.0 Ports gehabt?



     "/devices/platform/ff500000.dwc3/xhci-hcd.0.auto/usb2/2-1/2-1.1" : _("USB 3.0 (Back, outer"),

     "/devices/platform/ff500000.dwc3/xhci-hcd.0.auto/usb2/2-1/2-1.3" : _("USB 3.0 (Back, inner"),

     "/devices/platform/ff500000.dwc3/xhci-hcd.0.auto/usb2/2-1/2-1.2" : _("USB 3.0 (Front)"),


    Two mit SSD, One, 7025-S, 7000-S

  • wenn du dir das dreamseven.dtb im AIO image ansiehst müsstest du nicht fragen und wüsstest deutlich mehr.

  • Well, ST went out of business with the set-top box chips a few years ago, the STiD135 is one of the last remnants. As far as I am informed, the business has not been sold, nor can I offer any alternative. That's why I prefaced my first answer with: "It is with deep regret..." (an ST employee)

    p.s. ich sehe gerade, dass die chips noch von easii ic vertrieben werden. damit waere sogar die fbc funktionalitaet mit 8 demodulatoren moeglich gewesen...

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  • Warum muss man immer persönlich und beleidigend werden ?
    Das hat hier nichts mit dem Thema zu tun
    Ich spreche da alle an, die es betrifft

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    dreambox 900 und dreambox two

  • Du bist echt lustig

    Schon mal was davon gehört das es Störungen gibt ?
    Und du im Forum selbst als nicht registrierter User dort das mitteilen kannst ?
    Und das ganze hat aber mal überhaupt nichts mit der Seven zu tun

    einfach mal irgendwas rein spammen :thumbs_down:

  • OK, then MY answer will be [NO], Congratulation!

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  • I'm not not the .... here, who posted the wrong answer in the wrong thread in the wrong board and now has to explain to the collective why he considered that this was a good idea to annoy me :winking_face:

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  • We are banned... there... by sycophants...

    Where is the inconvenience in the word "yes"...

    Bonemine....She uses her broom...at the first opportunity...

    They stole the heritage of Babylon...then the land of Palestine

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  • The good thing about gutemine tools is that it opened the way for some English and Arabic teams to create similar tools, then they developed it and added some new features, and integrated it into their images.

    I think these teams should thank gutemine for indirectly helping them develop their own images.

    Just keep making your tools and don't bother developing them. There are those who do that. :winking_face:

  • As I mentioned earlier….. Stocks are sold off to unsuspecting buyers who only know Dreambox for obvious reasons… No hardware support, no warranties, no spares… Dream is over and out (as are most of the E2 manufacturers). It’s a passed station, overtaken by modern alternatives. It was fun while it lasted…..