How to configure DM520 2 Satellites with Inverto Unicable II

  • Hi all,

    I'm getting white hairs of so many tests...

    Can you please help me how to configure a DM520 with 2 Inverto Unicable II and two satellites ( Hispasat + Hotbird ).

    My installation is more or less like the example Inverto have on their website:

    The signal is ok, it's working perfectly with a low cost receiver or LG TV, I don't even need the power inserter. The lnbs were programmed using satpal for lnb A and lnb B, with the low cost receiver and LG TV it's possible to configure that ( select unicable lnb A Hispasat, lnb B Hotbird ) but in the DM520 and cannot find that option. I cannot say that hispasat lnb is the lnb A and hotbird is lnb B, so I never have signal on lnb B.

    If I configure DM520 connecting just the Hispsat cable to the tuner ( advance/Hispasat/Unicable II ) everything works.

    If I remove the Hispasat cable and use just the Hotbird cable and configure the DM520 tuner advance/Hotbird/Unicable II no signal, I imagine it's because this lnb is programmed as LNB B

    If I connect both satellites and configure it as advance/Hispasat/ lnb 1/Unicable II and advance/Hotbird/lnb2/Unicable II I just have signal on Hispasat.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

    Thank you