DreamBox crash DM8000

  • Hi,

    I have an intermittent problem with my DM8000 where I am using a PCMCIA card and cam (for Australia Vast) but when I change channels, it freezes and have no way to access any ports or IP. picture just locks up and the remote is ignored.

    also cannot boot with cam inserted in any of the slots. Freezes!

    routine is as follows,

    1) Change channel>locked up,

    2) switch off at the back, remove cam,

    3) switch back on,

    4) wait for complete system reboot and then once settled, reinsert cam, if lucky all good, if not, remove cam and start over again! but wait a little longer, at least until the unit is settled on a channel

    using OPLi (nightly 6/01/2022),

    Is there any way to diagnose this or software that could be used maybe?

    Replaced the HDD very recently but no effect for this issue.

    any thoughts appreciated.

    Cheers :thinking_face:

  • I don’t live in the region, but when I visit the VAST website there is no mention of a CI (PCMCIA) at all. Just a smartcard… From the error codes it looks like Irdeto. This can be handled by a softcam. Alas this may not be discussed here on the manufacturer’s forum..

  • Hi There,

    Thanks for looking that up.

    My main thoughts are that I could have a power supply problem so that when I insert the card, one of the rails must be borderline.

    definitly no issues without the card.

    Any test points to look at that you could suggest? points and voltages?(other than the connection to the main board

    cheers :thumbs_up:

  • Denk daran.

    Das wird hier nicht besprochen!


    2.6 Verbotene Inhalte

    2.6.1 Softcams, Cardsharing, CI-Module

    Die Themen "Softcams (Emulatoren) sowie "Cardsharing" und CI-Module ohne entsprechende Lizenzen für die angebotenen Verschlüsselungssysteme, sowie Methoden zur Umgehung der Restriktionen des CI+ Standards sind im Dreamboard tabu und werden nicht diskutiert. Es ist nicht erlaubt, Software oder CI-Module mit rechtswidrigem Inhalt und/oder Zweck zu benennen oder zu verlinken. Beiträge, die derartige Inhalte enthalten, werden vom Boardteam editiert und nach angemessener Zeit gelöscht. Das Umgehen der "Boardzensur" kann den sofortigen Ausschluss des Mitglieds - auch ohne Verwarnung - zur Folge haben.


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