DM 920 Ultra HD Blocked

  • Hi all,

    My DM920 is suddenly showing the fixed red led (rescue mode).

    I don’t know why.

    I have tried to connect to it via browser "http// 192.168.1.xx" but the following message appears on the screen on my PC


    1. Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8

    I have also tried with putty to enter the following command : echo "rescue" >> /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode

    But the result was "-bash: can't create /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode: nonexistent directory".

    Is there anybody who could help me?

    Many thanks

  • Here's is easy method to Flash any Image on Dreambox (DM520, DM900 and DM920 etc), I explain here for DM920

    1- Format USB with Fat-32

    2- USB label " DREAMFLASH "

    3- Copy image to USB Drive

    4- Rename image " dreambox-image-dm920.tar.xz "

    5 Insert USB to receiver

    6 Now from standby menu select Recovery Mode

    or Shut Down your receiver and then press and hold touch button of receiver

    or from telnet give any one of below commands



    echo "rescue" >> / proc / stb / fp / boot_mode


    Note: If receiver is on red light then first power off your receiver from rocker switch.

    Then power on your receiver and touch and hold front touch panel within 500 ms to bring receiver into Rescue Mode