Implementing flatpak support

  • Hi, I'm probably aiming too high. But since we have a receiver on linux, why not have linux applications at hand?

    More and more popular under Linux is the flatpak or snap repo. (I don't know why but flatpak is better for me). It's nice if it was possible to install the application from a flatpack.

    Try to imagine:

    Working KODI application, updated from flathub repo

    The ability to run spotify

    Boxes ONE and TWO have built-in bluetooth, it would be nice to play supertux or openarena with a bluetooth pad.

    I'm just afraid that our receivers in hardware may not be able to cope with it. Although ubuntu has already tried something with flatpack support on arm64

    But if it was possible to install flathub applications on dreambox os, we would have something that others do not have :)