DM900 not boot - no serial connection

  • Dear Users!

    I got a old DM900 with the following problems:

    It can not boot. If somebody pushed the nand BGA it could boot. Maybe wrong soldering. -> OK

    But 3 mounts later (now) it can not boot. Does not start even under pressure.

    They bought a new EMPTY BGA from ebay and solder it. (that was NOT programmed)

    Now I am tring to flash, but I can not see any thing on service in the putty serial connection..

    Is it possible to repair? Is it possible to upload rescue image to BGA?

    Or we have to solder PREprogrammed BGA on top mainboard?

    Thank you your answer!

  • You can open a Ticket with Dreambox Support and order a new main board or buy a new Dreambox one/two from you Dreambox reseller.

    Everything else is a waste of time for all involved parties!

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