Unable to Set the Clock to +5GMT Dreambox One/Two

  • This thread was in the general section, but someone told me that I should move it here because it is Enigma2 related. hope you guys don't mind me repeating this problem. Please help me as this issue is bugging me since I bought DreamBox 2.

    here is an update, after failing to set the correct time on my DM1, I got hopeless and switched back to DM900, then I again decided to buy DM2, my thoughts were that all the bugs which were present in Dm1 must be removed in DM2, but here same reason that I switched DM1 to DM900 is haunting me .... I cant set the time to GMT+5, you can set it to GMT+05:30 or 06:30 or 07:30 means +1.5, 2.5, 3.5 hours etc but you cant just set the +1, +4, +5 +7, etc.

    if anyone currently has DM1 or DM2, you can see this phenomenon by advancing the time to GMT+5, it will never advance to GMT+5.

    Sincerely hope that someone would shed some light on this issue.

    thanks indeed! for your cooperation in this regard.

    here is the link to my old thread if you guys want to read it more...i have uploaded the boot log and E2 Logs as well.

  • Hi dear experts of dreambox i have a Dreambox One uhd receiver i have the same problem which is not being solved by me. This is a bug in Enigma2. I also request the developers of Dreambox to fix this problem in the next update.

  • Hi

    You can also choose Muscat in Asia and have a correct time but the problem remain in EPG issue since time server remain the same in ntp network setting.