MKV with AC3 sound Dreambox Two

  • Hi guys,

    I have 2 Dreambox One devices and recently bought a NEW Dreambox Two to add to my collection and play with.

    After setting up my NEW Dreambox Two (same as both of my Dreambox One) i noticed that I could not get ac3 sound playing MKV files.

    I tested alot (believe me) and see following:

    For instance...Flash latest image dreambox-image-dreamtwo-20211029.tar.xz

    boot to a black channel, so after the boot no sound is playing....just select my harddrive with the MKV, or select a stream with MKV play it ... perfect AC3 sound on reciever. GREAT.... BUT

    Then after I switch to any channel fta or stream or MP4 file AC3.. i hear the normal sound from the channels so no issues.., Then go BACK to my harddrive and play the MKV or MKV stream again... no sound on my reciever... signal blinks...

    got back to the FTA channel or stream or MP4 AC3.. no problem.. normal sound.. the MKV AC3 sound just wont work nomore...

    Reboot the dreambox Two to a black channel so no sound.. play the MKV AC3 directly after the fresh reboot...perfect sound... AC3 on my reciever. swich to MP4 file AC3 or FTA channel or other play other sound and then back to MKV no more sound AC3 MKV... etc..

    Switch back from Dreambox Two to my Dreambox One do the same thing... MKV plays fine... always fine... MP4 or MKV AC3 no channels FTA or Stream, or OSCAM ... MKV always plays fine... just happends on the Dreambox Two

    I also tried several images also... same result...playing MKV

    After the setup of the image.. After booting no channels so no sound... the MKV AC3 files play fine.... as long as its the first file you play after the reboot.

    After setup up some FTA or play other stream with sound or play a MP4 with AC3... swiching back to the MKV ... no more tries to but reciever signal blinks...

    (only happends with the dreambox Two .. not with the dreambox One...)

    If anyone knows how to fix this it would be great... Most movies and streams with AC3 are MKV in my case so this is mayor disapointment for me...

    Thanx in advanced..