how to find links in iptv index

  • Dear Members,

    It is not easy to play IPTV dm520. Some iptv services like below changes quality after playing on dm520, which dm520 company image badly 😢fails to play.

    Kindly guide how to find several quality (sd, hd, or fhd) links in below iptv service. I need separate hd quality service, so that I can play it on dm520.

    Or what indicates index in above link.

    Below image shows several video qualities above link carries.

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  • These streams are meant for playing on PC’s and MediaPlayers. All listed resolutions are non-standard for the DM520. The DM520 can’t scale them properly. Also some audio streams can cause problems when they are incompatible..

    DM520 uses 1920x1080, 720x578 and in 50 or 60 fps…

  • well, I don´t know how DreamOS handles it, on Open the resolutions are treated as subservices (on green), so you can add them to your bouquet (with blue), I did it for the first link, you may try it blindly for other links, the differnce is in the last two numbers of service reference

  • sorry, I was on exteplayer3, I switched to gstreamer and there were no subservices, so not possible on Dreambox

    Dear mr_vica,

    I have figured, problem is with DreamOS company image. It is unable to handle IPTV services properly.

    I have used same service in e2iPlayer installed in DreamOS and it works just fine.

    I have recorded the video from same above IPTV link using e2iPlayer and again the recorded video works fine in e2iPlayer.

    Unfortunately again video player of DreamOS is unable to handle /😕 play the recorded video properly.


    Here's video file recording

    Google Drive stellt sich vor – Alle Ihre Dateien an einem Ort

    Amazing same above recorded video works fine in video player of DreamOS by changing its extensions from .mp4 to .ts  :thumbup::);)

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