The problem with the device is a red light bulb and the interface is turned off, i.e. nothing appears..... At first I applied the solution to the red light problem and it did not work

    Then I noticed that the LAN line in the receiver was always on. As soon as I put the power cord, it stayed on.. Also, the home internet modem, when I connected the receiver to it, did not show it, meaning that you could not read it.

    Then I concluded that the network of the receiver LAN is ruined, and God knows

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  • Hello!

    I have 3 years old DM920 and yesterday suddenly was crash and GS. a

    After that, box doesn't respond anymore, only static red light on front panel also internet port light static. I can't make bootlog, because nothing happens after I switch on the box. Merlin image was in flash.

    Is it possible to reanimate it? Thanks for any advice!

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  • you don't need a's just a badly programmed renderer. You don't have any of the icons and therefore it tries setPixmap(None) which results in a crash.

    Logon to the box via telnet and enter the following command:

    systemctl stop enigma2

    Then connect via ftp to the box and open the file settings in /etc/enigma2/ in a unix-compatible editor (e.g. notepad++). Search for primary_skin and replace everything after the '=' with skin.xml. Save the file.

    Again in telnet:

    systemctl start enigma2

    This will boot the box with the default skin. Now, you can try to fix the issue with your FHDLine skin. If you end up in a crash again, repeat above steps and forget about the skin.


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  • Logon to the box via telnet and enter the following command:

    systemctl stop enigma2

    last crashlog before I switch it off

    Thank you, but I don't have acsess to the box via ftp or telnet. It is connected to the local network but it isn't recognazed there. I have severale crashlogs, when all this happaned. Part of them I loaded above. When the box stucked I just swichted it off and then on. After that I have what i discribded above.

    Before all this box worked fine, i didn't do any tests with skin. I just was wathcing sat-channel and suddenly green screen.

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  • I am not an expert but your crashlog simply tells that the file ‘pal.png’ is missing. Another point of interest is ‘barry-allen 12.89j’. Gutemine has terminated this plugin. Since the support has cancelled, he has cleaned-out his feed. Don’t know if a ‘j’ version officially existed.. Barry-allen should be run from a recent version of DreamOS in flash.

  • I think it doesn't matter what image was in flash, if it was based on DMM image and i read here that some people had support via pm with same problem, but they have One and TWO, not DM920

  • Lass es gut sein, natürlich verteilen Sie jetzt alte Versionen die "angeblich" problemlos laufen ... und dann schlagen die Leute halt jetzt hier auf wenn Sie neu flashen dürfen. Aber der Schwarze Tod hat noch jeden erwischt ... früher oder später ...

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