Asking for help with a problem on the Dream one Boot

  • Please don't paste links to random/unverified bootloaders here. I've deleted the link from your initial post.

    If you have any issues please contact the official support. There are recovery mechanismns almost every possible failure (hardware excluded).

    Is it possible to have the official support link?

  • Do you know what is the problem?

    The problem is that the miserable Chinese devices that are sold in the market for $ 10 have support programs to install the kernel.bin and bootloader.bin files and other files, and the dreambox devices only have dreamup and it does not work on oe2.5 and 2.6 to revive the devices. None of us makes mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary to provide programs to solve the fatal problems. We'll be heading back in the opposite direction with the dreambox 7 exit. I intended to buy it for me and some friends, but now after what happened to me, unfortunately I will not buy it

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    What you're saying is ALL wrong.

    There has been no dreambox requiring or even working with DreamUp in almost a full decade!!

    There is a integrated recovery system that is being loaded when holding down the power button on boot.

    From there a new image can be flashed using a standard webbrowser.

    Ruining the bootloader won't happen on original images.
    At least we currently know of 0 cases where that happend.

    We did have some cases where 3rd party images managed to ruin the boot process by partitioning the mmc blockdevice (which is NOT supported currently).

    You can't blame us for that.

    Still, we do have a solution to recover even from a broken u-boot (you do have to contact our support for that).

    From a pure software side, it is almost "impossible" (yeah, there's always some way) you'll get a dreambox one/two/seven in a state where it can't be recovered as it can load the bootloader from an SD-Card even if the emmc is completely empty.

  • The device does not stop in stop mode does not give me the ip

    It is not connected to the network

    It lights up but the bulb is red

    And when I try to link it in putty it gives me a black screen even though it is linked to com but the logo does not come up and the screen is black in putty

    Give me only one program linked to com to revive the device

    As in the miserable Chinese devices that have many programs to get out of the deadly stages

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    And how did you bring it to that state?

    There's two possibilities I see at this point:

    1. It's actually is some kind of hardware issue (I kinda doubt that, tbh)

    2. You or some software you used (prominently any kind of partitioning tool) messed around with the initial sectors of the emmc (where uboot resides) and therefore ruined the "second stage" bootloader.

    If you see yourself in position 2. please contact our support for instruction on how to get your box fixed.

    We don't pass that software around for a reason! (flashing the bootloader just for fun is a horrible idea!)

  • Unfortunately, the Chinese don't tell you how the problem happened, why you did it, and why you did it

    They treat you well and immediately give you programs and files that get you out of the deadly stages

    Don't blame me if I'm wrong

    What should I do I made a mistake but I don't know where I did wrong

    give me a solution

    Give me a program and a file to get out of the fatal stage

  • My brother, I sent a message to them and they did not answer me

    Why is this complex? The device does not connect to the network, there is no IP

    The solution is only by com and a file, and if the support team has the solution why not publish it publicly

    What is the program and file to get out of the fatal stage

    solution only by com

  • I installed botloader.img file on sd by LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32

    Then I put the sd in the device and it reads the bootloader from the sd and gives me this logo logo

    Does not connect to the network
    As soon as I pull out the sd, the black screen returns without reading anything
  • Code
    And what is the solution, brother?

    I have these files, do you help me with something I downloaded before the problem occurred to my device

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