No support DM920. Its a shame!

  • I Love Dreambox..... However i have to admit it is totaly lack of support. Only latest two models are supported with frequent fixes and new enigma versions. Older products lack any update more than half year and nobody seems to care. There are many bugs and nobody fix them. Or nobody provide enigma source so community to can fix them. In particukar i am talking about DM920 for example. No new enigma version no fixes. I think its a shame. :frowning_face:

  • Well i know about this....but there is not actual enigma 2 code. Only the python part is there. To fix something more fundamental enigma2 code (c code) is needed.

    And what bugs do you struggle with? maybe you can list them :smiling_face:

    Yes i can name some of....

    1. Lack of EPG age rating so to be possible to use parental control efficiently (need age rating and genre to be possible to be got from EPG entry)

    2. Sometimes EPG get lost

    3. HBBTV cause entire system locking or not open at all on some channels (ex. RTL2 HD on 19.2E)

    4. When using FULLHD skin and you do fast actions (ex. fast scrolling in a list) there are many artifacts, lags and you can see how the text got blurred. That generally happens if the background is pretty dark (gray for example) and text is white. I suppose this could be a driver issue or based on latest enigma changes for graphics loading.

    5. PIG component in skins cause flickering on window close since for some reason it moves its position abnormally (that is clearly visible if there are no animations enabled)

    There are other issues but that are the most issues bothering me :winking_face:

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  • Thanks for the list so let's have a look at it.

    1. EPG age rating have to be done by your Provider otherwise the parental control have nothing to work with.

    2. EPG getting lost. Same here. It's the provider epg source that is dodgy from time to time. This have been around for ages and are most common when we change the summertime settings.

    3, HBBTV plugin is another story where i can agree that it does not work perfect and probably needs some work done by DP

    4. 3rd-party skins is it the skin authors that can fix. They almost always are full of custom rendere and converters and that also correspond to nr 5

    So yes there is tweaks needed and problems to be solved but all in all things are working very good for the regular users at the moment :smiling_face:

    But yes things could be better and DP could spend some more time here at the forum to answer questions like this them self :winking_face:

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  • Just to clarify EPG age rating are sent by my providers... However Dreambox doesnt know about them because there is no code to read them. Otherwise yes it will be good if dream people listen to users voice.

  • HbbTV needs to communicate with exact parameters as set by the providers. Since they love to play around, the supposetly standard is f*****d up and doesn’t work. HbbTV is supplied as Closed Source and a binary ‘blob’.

    As long as the correct version is not supplied, it will not work… In fact, German stations are reasonably working, try the same in Holland and you get a locked box… HbbTV (for Open boxes) is like pulling a dead horse…

  • Nicht separat installierbar = closed source. Seltsame Logik.

    Schau doch einfach mal auf github oder deiner Box und du wirst feststellen, dass das Plugin nicht closed source ist.


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  • Obviously a part is closed source. Nobody denies that. However, >80% of the source code is open source. Especially Browser and HbbTV have a lot of possibilities for tweaking and changes.

    But for starters: What is the problem you're having? Which code part is causing the issues?

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  • Let be honest. There is no C++ code available. Yes the python code for the browser and hbbtv applications is available... But it is no use since the enigma is locking itself on some channels when try to access hbbtv. So in my opinion the problem is somewhere in c++ code.

    I experience this for example on rtl 2 HD on 19,2 E. When i try to access hbbtv sometimes nothing opens. Another case is complete locking of the box that i cant recover.

  • Do you have some logs at hand for these deadlocks?

    As most of the exception handling and all of the keypress handling takes part in Python, I am quite optimistic that this can be tracked down and possibly mitigated without the core code.

    But even if the error is finallly in C++, you could at least use the Python parts for further debugging (i.e. adding print commands etc.).

    so long