dreambox one always restarts in stop mode

  • Hi everybody
    my dreambox one stopped in stop mode

    I have a problem with my Dreambox one, unfortunately it is not a red led and if it was, getting out of it would have been very easy

    the device does not start, it stays in stop mode and when I put a new image on it and restart it, it comes back and stops in stop mode. As if he hadn't taken an image

    I tried a lot of things to know:
    1- SD-Card "DREAMBOOT"
    2-onlin recovry
    3- use these commands on telnet in img and bin form:

    wget http://dreamboxupdate.com/open…dreamone-20190629.bootimg
    flash-rescue dreambox-rescue-image-dreamone-20190629.bootimg
    apt-get update && update-rescue -v

    I burned an image in img extension on sd card, its running but as soon as I remove the sd card, it comes back to stope mode.
    please help me to remedy this problem

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  • better use ;)

    wget http://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.6/unstable/images/dreamone/dreambox-rescue-image-dreamone-20210324.bootimg


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  • I tested it and the same result

    Here is the result


    And this is after installing the file and installing a new image

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