greenscreen bei Mediaportal

  • dre wasn't talking to you but to jackmigger

    Flash a clean Image, this is not related to MP nor to AutoResolution. You have installed a lot of unsupported Plugins on your Image any of these may be the cause of your issue.

    And you can fix your issue by adding code to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/ (line 150...)

            def getConfiguredMode(self):
                    port = config.av.videoport.value
                        mode = config.av.videomode[config.av.videoport.value].value
                        mode = None
                    if not mode:
                            # sometimes the preferred modes aren't ready when setConfiguredMode is called by hdmiChanged
                            # -> ignore and wait until hdmiChanged is called again (i.e. when the preferred modes are existant)
                            return (None, None, None)

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  • Well i will test your suggestion and as i wrote I can't say that i am surten it's MP causing the issue only that if i remove MP all works just fine.

    But i have worked on adapting some plugins to DreamOS.

    SubsSupport also working with .srt subs on OE 2.6

    I like OpenWebif better then the boring WebInterface

    Peter Pan Mediacenter have been around longtime.

    It's not standalone plugin. It's only a plugin that keeps all your media plugins sorted under one menu.

    So have no real function other then keeping your main menu clean ;)

    There is 1 plugins that can be in conflict with your MP

    World Cam since both plugins are using Youtube API

    But i will take your advice and flash a clean image and see what is causing the problem.

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  • Okey i have figure it out and you are correct and as I also said that I am in no way surten it's the MP causing the issue.

    But after testing on a new fresh image I started and install all the plugins one by one and still no issue all works fine

    So went back and did install Image Peter Pan again on my DM Two. when done i did run the software update to get all the last updates from DP

    Here i could see that systemplugin VideoMode hade an error and did not install proper.

    So i checked the folder for the plugin and it hade a file that was not in the fresh image so must be some leftover or something

    Really does not matter since the fix is easy and the problem is solved :)

    So did delet that python file and did a manual apt-get remove and install of the plugin and all works just fine now :)

    Thank's dhwz :):thumbsup:

    Everything in life that's any fun is either immoral, illegal or fattening