How to Install/Update Images on DM 520 without Cable?

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    I Need Help I'm New to Enigma 2 & Dreambox.. Been Days Trying to Find a Way to Update or Install Images on My DM 520 (Currently on Official Image that Came with: Dreambox OS 4.3.0r22 / Image Experimental 2016-07-06) whether Official DreamOS from dreamboxupdate or by Other Teams but The Problem is My PC has Problems Doesn't Work & I've No Router Currently, So Is There Anyway to Flash New Images Specially Official whether via Android FTP Telnet or USB? I've to Flash New Ones Mostly Bec. I Can't Run Cams (OSCam.. etc.) or Install Specific Plugins on The Current Old Firmware Many Files Come Up with Errors!

  • There is a plugin called Dreamflash to flash an image via USB. But it's only possible to install it online after adding/installing an alternative feed (keyword: gutemine feed). Use this plugin to prepare an USB device for flashing without network.

    it' s also possible to prepare an USB device manually on a computer (prefered OS Linux) or via terminal on your dreambox (a network or serial connection using the USB service port is required).

    You have to create a FAT or ext4 partition and label it "DREAMFLASH". Then copy the image file to the root directory of the 1st partition and rename it to "dreambox-image-dmXXX.tar.xz"

    dmXXX is the boxtype like dm520

    Shut down the dreambox, plug in the device and start again. The flashing process should start automaticly required that the rescue loader of the box is up to date

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    I've Followed ur Steps in 2nd Part about USB Partition It Didn't Work Unfortunately! The Receiver Starts Normally without Flashing..

    But There's Another Problem Now, After an Hour I Forgot to Unplug The USB Storage & Pressed Wrongly on Recovery Instead of Reboot (This Happened Because Receiver Lagged!) from Remote Control & Now 520 Doesn't Start with Just Red LED :(