Openvpn for Dreambox Dream Os Img.

  • Joey99 Thank you for helping ! but at the end after runing the above code I got this message "E:dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem''

    The openvpn is not still not installed.

  • Read what the message says and do that. Sometimes, it's helpful to also read them


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  • You have an earlier broke installation you must fix first or you want be able to install anything.

    From Telnet run the command i the message:

    dpkg --configure -a

    After this issue is fixed you find openvpn in the DE addon manager

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  • dre The Box is DM900 running on Dream os. Image Dream-Elite 6.0.

    I wanted to use vpn Ipvanish.

    I appreciated any help from your end .

    thanks in advance.

    start reading?


    Boxen (im Einsatz): DM920, DM900, DMOne
    Developer Project Merlin - we are OpenSource

  • Please can you give me some guidelines on how to do that.

    I have already created in etc/openvpn folder containing 3 files ," my ipvanish, client.conf and login .txt files"

    but in DM I can't find it. may be I'm missing up something. any help will do.

    Thank you.

  • Search for the [Plugin] VPN Manager in your browser.


    A plugin from murxer , supports openvpn and wireguard.

    regards pclin

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  • It's already done Bro , one of our honorable men here , ''Seagen'' help me on getting the job done , my DM900 is running now with vpn smoothly and iptv is also running smoothly and fast with openvpn. Thanks for all the suggestions.