Non-Feature Request: Genuine Dreambox: weg damit?

  • Gude!

    Sollte man vielleicht das Plugin Genuine Dreambox mal aus dem Image entfernen? Ich finde es irritierend, denn die ursprüngliche Funktion, den dargestellten Code zwecks Überprüfung der Echtheit auf der Webseite eingeben zu können, gibt es ja wohl nicht mehr, da die Möglichkeit von der Webseite entfernt wurde.


    Beste Grüsse...


    DM920 mit DVB-S2X FBC TwinTuner, unstable OE2.5

  • Well i have been using this plugin to protect some functions in image Peter pan.

    Yes it's not bullet proof but at least the check for a genuin Dreambox have made it a bit harder for Clones to operate the Peter Pan image.

    But since the plugin does not work with OE 2.6 is this something that's going to be fixed in the future? or is this plugin just to old and outdated ??

    Or is it some other way we can use to check if the box is genuin ?

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  • cat /proc/cpuinfo

    This should give you the serial and probably DP would know which CPU serials they produced.

    BUT something like this is too easy to patch, then you need to check for original drivers and loaders and ... that's why I did my own clone checks always without TPM ;)

  • Well I am not surprised that you also solved that. But for the novice like me it looks like i am stuck on this.

    Now I only build new Peter Pan Image for Dreambox One & Two UHD, But it's just a matter of time before the Clones start to pop up for those models also :(

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