How do I reset the remote control?

  • Hello friends I wanted to set up my Dreambox One control with a TV. But it didn't work with TV, and worse, now the remote control works neither with Dreambox nor with TV.

    How can I reset it to work only for Dreamboxbox one?

    My remote contorol is RC20.

  • try that:

    Reset mode:

    1. Press Mode and Help button at the same time until the indicator light is on and held, then release the button.

    2. Press Exit button, and the indicator light will continue to light after one flash.

    3. Press the OK button, the indicator light flashes for three times, and the remote control restore factory settings.

  • Since its about remotes i have notice that my BT Remote have gone black. It's working proper but no indicator lights when pressing the buttons.

    I have probably change some settings that i cant seem to find.... I have looked at the RC settings where i can change colours but nothing works

    I have the one with the microphone button instead of help button.

    I am on latest unstable image with all updates


    Update :)

    Probably some kind of battery save mode;) Change to new battery and all works fine now :)

    Problem solved

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