CPU load more than 100%

  • Enigma 2 consumes more than 100% of CPU, which is completely wrong. Box 820 on 900 is the same, but apparently the latest version has no problem, I am testing, I will announce the result.

  • This issue have already been resolved on all boxes so if you have an issue do a new image flash


    Its only solved if you use Unstable image.

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  • Maybe some general comments about this.

    A load above 100% is not an issue per-say.

    A Dreambox One/Two has six cores which can lead to top showing up to 600% CPU load.

    But your "error description" was lacking pretty much ANY additional information so it was totally impossible to understand that your device was under permanent load.

    Please try to describe your issue a lot more in detail next time.

    mfg ,

  • Yes good error reporting is of the essence ;) But in the bug report its pretty clear that the CPU load and heat was constant.

    Anyway issue is solved and and we now have no more problem with this :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    So to get a bit of topic then the next issue that really should be solved is the broken pig.py rendere

    Its pretty good explained in the bug report, if not then please also ask and i will provide more details

    Good work Devs :)

    Everything in life that's any fun is either immoral, illegal or fattening

  • This error was reported on the 820 while I was surprised that it did not exist before so I reinstalled the latest update and the problem was resolved. Of course, this problem was more of a numerical error than the use of CPU power, because in practice, this percentage resulted in the least regression of the image.<3<3