I need help with EPG

  • mr


    I need tell one thing sir

    Maybe this options not important for you or any one in Europe

    But in specialty in Middle East it’s very important

    Because in Middle East more than 800 millions they can spake Arabic only and they can’t understand any other languages


    What we will win with this options!

    We win sell dreambox minimum 20 times for what sale now..


    If now sell 500 box in one


    With this will sell 5000

    I hope now understand why it’s important for us

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  • Yes maybe, but explain why you are watching services with foreign languages? That really doesn't look like a legal usecase for me (also the streaming of the audio of paytv services) ;)

    Nevertheless don't expect DP building anything like that into their image. And for the new amlogic boxes it's not even possible to playback a secondary audio stream at all.

  • we are not asking to provide any source of audio or streaming , so it has nothing to do with legal stuff .
    the user is free to enter his external source and he is responsible for what he is using . ( same as emulators or iptv or other ilegal things ) they add to any box and they are responsible for their act . so shall we stop all iptv plugins and so ?

    now why needed :
    as i said in your region maybe no one need such things because u can find everything in your own language , but for other regions it i needed because there is millions of people in 22 countries i am distributor for they like to have other language then the original . and all satellite companies has provided what clients need and they are happy and doing sales and earn money and users satisfied and our business goes down because we are still loyal to dreambox and we are missing support to convince our client like others did.

  • Thank you very much dhwz for best support and

    The big gift from dreambox team is add what I ask them for audio options..

    Really this is big gift and I will not ask you any thing more because it’s enough for me 😃

  • dhwz

    after the update the EMC did not switch the epg language.

    i used the same file you gave us earlier : plugin.py ( send to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EnhancedMovieCenter )
    reboot the box but this time could not success to switch the language. as before.

    i noticed : when i select the channel the epg title appear in Arabic and in few seconds it goes to English while the description remain always in English.