Disable Media Highway (MHW) or NOW/NEXT

  • I have a 920 running Peter Pan image built on 4.3.2r3-6-gaa85e-2019-03-04 (krogoth)(OE2.5)

    Satellite Thor 0.8W Canal Digital. AFAIK EPG is carried by MHW

    I have an issue where EPG from transponder, NOW/NEXT, overwrites EPG I have downloaded using XMLTV.

    Both program name and extended description is overwritten.

    This happens both for XMLTV and EPGRefresh.

    Problem is the program name and extended description gives me information of poorer quality most of the time.

    So if I record a show, the EPG in my movie list is using this poorer EPG. Wich is a big dissapointment.

    I find VU and OpenPLI have an option to disable EIT, NOW/NEXT, MHW

    Is it possible to do so on Dreambox?

    A plugin or edit some files?


    - oddvarr - Peter Pan Team -