2 Unicable LNB to DM520

  • Not possible. Only with Unicable Matrix.

    E2 Box: Two, One, DM 8000, DM7080HD, DM 7025(+), DM 7020HD(v2), DM9x0, DM820HD, DM 800SE(v2), DM 800HD, DM52x, DM500HD(v2)
    E1 Box: DM 7020, DM 7000, DM 5620-S, TRIAX 272-S, DM 600PVR, DM 500+, DM 500-S

    Sonstiges: DM100, DM Tastatur
    Sat: WaveFrontier T90 23.5E <=> 30.0W

  • if you have already one or more unicable LNB's, search for the corresponding matrix

    if you do not have uncable lnb's now there are several brands that sell uncable lnb's and matrices, f.i. inverto
    it won't be as cheap as you think/hope