Suggestion of ISDB-T and DVB-C Annex B (American Standard) USB tuner for dreambox models DM8000HD, DM7020HD.

  • Take a look at this one:…V-Digital-Home-DVB-C.html It's a german manufacturer who's doing quite a good job. At least from what I can say. They even offer support via Teamviewer/Skype.

    If you switch the website to german language, you'll find more technical specs:

  • have the possibility to provide the philips tuner drivers below to enable and switch to annex b in enigma2?

    Tuner A: Philips CU1216Mk3 (DVB-C)

    this appears to be the standard DVB-C tuner that can be used with DM600, 800, 7025, 8000.

    Some spec info;

    Small size 40mm x 70mm x 13mm in horizontal mounting。

    Digitally-controlled (PLL) tuning via I2C-bus.

    Minimum power supply: 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V。

    Fully compliant with ETS 300 429 specification for DVB-C application, ITU-T J.83 (Annex A, B & C).

    Output of MPEG-2 parallel / serial transport stream.

    Digital SAW filter.

    Support up to 256QAM.

    Wide symbol rate of 0.87 to 6.9Mbaud.