No connection to Dreambox from my phone

  • Hi!
    For years I have been using "DreamDroid" and "dream EPG Premium" as remote and recording for my 7020 HD. But some months ago 7020 HD made som update, I don't know what... arghh! Everything looks fine, but I miss the connection to my phone/tablet. I have not changed anything on the wifi or my phone/tablet. The cable connection to my PC is still ok. I did not change any software when I bought it, only installed some addons. I slightly remind it happened when I was going to make a repeated recording, but sure. But I can't find this addon anymore on the 7020 and I can't install it again.
    Any help outthere?
    Jes, Denmark

  • Thanks! But I still wonder what happened that caused wifi connection. It suddenly wrote something updated, I did not see what... and the wifi was lost.