• after problem with Express-AM6 (53E), now strong T2-MI signals on Yamal-402 (55E),

    some progres with T2-MI on regular OE2.5 or 2.6 or Astra-SM ?

    ROVER AtomLight STC+
    Gibertini OP100L /85E-53W/
    WaveFrontier T90 /39E-36E-31E-28E-26E-23E-19E-16E-13E-9E-7E-5E-1W-4W/
    Dreambox DM900UHD/7020HD/500HD , TBS-5925 , TBS-5520SE , TBS-5220 , Coolstream Zee2 , Dr.HD F16

  • Hi,

    I was able to compile it on Dreambox One

    and it looks like it works

    I compiled this for armhf/mipsel a long time ago.

    Use google to find it.

    greeting pclin

    Dreambox ONE, TWO, DM920UHD, DM900UHD, DM820HD HDD + USB-HUB, Stick 64GB, USB-HDD, Keyboard K400r, Wlan-Stick 11n

    (Flash) DP-OE2.6 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.6, debian-buster, Diverse

    (Flash) DP-OE2.5 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.5-e2+kodi+X, debian-stretch, Diverse

    AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD

    TV: LG 65" SUHD


    Hyperion und Plugin HyperionControl auf der Dreambox ONE/TWO

    Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 mit WLED Wlan 268 LED's SK6812-NW 60 LED/m

    DM9x0 Plugin EnigmaLight

    Ambilight for ever

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  • how install astra-sm ?

    can anyone help the correct commands for installation?