e2 picon updater plugin

  • Im trying to get works a updater plugin picon i think all works fine less when the plugin try to write on the folder where the picons are placed the path its media/hhd/picons/piconHD is a usb stick.

    My question there is any way to change attributes to the folders? because i try with dcc or winscp but appear a error

    SITE CHMOD command failed.

    thanks for support

  • DreamOS enigma2 runs as root, hence fileattributes (especially for picons) are useless.

  • there is no need for this, but if usb is read only mounted atributes wiil simply not be changeable...

  • im going to try to mount again the usb with full attributes until now only when i flash a new image and appear the message automatic mount i press yes maybe its not fully mounted for all.

    lets see if i can do it thanks gutemine for the info

    which is the valid format of the usb fat32/exfat/ntfs because on fat32 not appear all picons only few.

    but in fat32 it works with simlynk the plugin update the picons on usb

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