Dreambox .TS recording Files

  • Hi All!!

    I have 4 dreambox's all recording to a NAS, and all are working fine :)

    I have purchased an android projector to see my recordings on a big screen, nevertheless, I'm not able to do it, the projector Blitzwolf vp3 have LAN and wifi connection, it reaches the NAS folder but despite he is natively able to read ts files, I receive an error, I have tried other readers like VLC and the result is the same....

    Does the dreamboxes recordings can be read by other devices?


  • VLC on a PC should be able to play the files flawlessly. VLC can demux TS and decode all relevant Video- and Audio-Codecs. However, UHD and x265 content might cause problems on low performance or old PCs.

    Integrated devices and media players might not have the proper decoders and demuxers.

    so long