• DreamBoxEdit no longer working, is this just for me I have Windows 10, or general problem, the layout change, do not understand why, week ago same latest version was working fine.

  • None because you don't describe the problem in a way that someone could help


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  • Ok zis is wiz German accent now, when I click on ze open ze new file it does not recognize ze Vhannibal Settings, it says need ze service, but zis is tv file, I do not know why, maybe i sink because I have ze Windows 10 pro latest version does not install correctly, Ok friends thanks, waiting now??

  • You don't have to make fun of a german accent. Your english was crap in the first place.

    And you still didn't provide a proper error description. So don't expect too much help.

  • I feel like at working place. But I reached end of working day 30 minutes ago.

    Please write in short sentences.

    Please add photos.

    With this method 50% of questions I could answer.

    With the method there is never a enquire again. Topic done.