Enigma2 uPnP server issues/questions

  • I am trying to get my DM7080HD to act as a uPnP server using the enigma2 plugin. I am running the "Stable (opendreambox 2.5)" OS and therefore the enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-upnp_4.3.2r8-r0.2_mipsel.deb package. I have 2 issues/questions:

    1) When I access the uPnP server (using a variety of different uPnP clients), it returns a list of movies which do not reflect the contents of the /media/hdd/movie directory. In particular, it returns some items which were deleted long ago from my harddrive. Is there a way to force the plugin to update its database of multimedia items to reflect the current state of the harddrive?

    2) On the DM7080HD, I store my audio files in a different directory to /media/hdd/movie. Is it possible to configure the uPnP server to use different directories for audio and video files? I seem to recall that the enigma2 uPnP server is based on Coherence. For a Coherence server, it is possible to specify multiple media directories using the "medialocation = <list of directories separated by commas> command in the config file. Is there a similar feature in the enigma2 plugin?



  • First Update the mediadatabase by Doing a fresh Scan for mediafiles on the dreambox

    Second upnp ist a mediaserver NOT a fileserver, hence directories are Not what you should Look for so hard....

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  • Thanks gutemine! That is indeed the solution.

    For others who (like me) tend to use just the PVR functions of the DreamBox and are not familiar with MediaCenter, the exact steps are:

    - Press Menu button

    - Scroll down and select MediaCenter

    - Press Menu button again

    - Add directories to be scanned for media items using the green button. Multiple directories can be added.