YouTube Plugin .. !!!

  • After Some friend asked me to edit Youtube plugin for DreamOS images OE2.5/2.6 and After taking the permit from my friend (Taapat)

    I have edit the plugin and works without crashing ..

    But video won't open ..

    After trying to find a solution. We think the problem is in openssl need to be fix and update it.…b2db94c9bcaebff37a816898f

    In attach log of gstreamer debug and plugin if any one want to test and help.

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  • But the plugin works just fine on open source images without any problem on my DM920

  • @dhwz

    Did you tried ?! and working with you ?!!


    hello friend ..

    This is Youtube not Mytube .. It is different way to extract video and play ..

    No need more packages such as python-youtube-dl, tubelib, python-google-api-client ...etc

  • Yes it's working as I said....

    BUT it's not working properly as a lot of playback related things are working completely different in DreamOS, so you can't just use exactly the same code for both OS, e.g. DreamOS doesn't support attaching &suburi crap to urls. So you won't be able to playback any sources >720p.

    No need more packages such as python-youtube-dl, tubelib, python-google-api-client ...etc

    Copying just code from other sources doesn't make it better. MyTube using public sources makes it more flexible without having to maintain a lot of code which is already widely maintained.

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  • I personally would feel better if you STOP Posting RAED's stuff Here.

  • There is No need to make anybody happy, Just need for respect towards this vendor, this board and the board's members.

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  • Hello

    Plugin by Taapat works perfectly.

    Plugin uses API key. If plugin doesn't work, you have to create your personal key and put it in file ( usr/lib/python/extensions/YouTube/

    I did my vide how to do it

    (russian language)

  • Dreambox 900 has usb port on the back side. I stuck USB dongle and chose Wi-Fi in menu setings. If you want, i'll do short video how connect it.

    Also, if you uses another the image, like OpenPLI, you have to setup plugin for WI-FI dongle. Look it in: plugin - extentions (or for Lan. i don't rememer). For getting the Internet on your receiver use Lan-connection with your PC.

    sorry for my English. 2 years ago I didn't speak at all.

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  • Good evening. I've created English and Germany subtitles for my video :)

    If you find mistakes tell me please. I'll correct it.