need def to restart network ?!!

  • Hello guys ?!!

    I'm working on some plugin to change ip ...

    Just I want to change this def to work on dreamos oe2.5/2.6 images ..

    This my def for oe2.0 and not compatible with OE2.5/2.6 ..

    Please any advices ?!

    the def just for restart Network after change ip ..

  • Already I have check but without any help all my tried gone to failure.

    If any friend can do example the def ..

    Thank you

  • you have to use systemctl instead the init system to relaod the service in DreamOS

    the network configuration files are in /var/lib/conman

    so it is also possible to change the IP, Gateway etc. in /var/lib/connman/ethernet_000934*_cable/settings file

    to reload the connman network configuration you have to use systemctl after the change

    systemctl restart connman.service

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