SID not found in pat

  • Im trying to install a m3u list on my dream900 but when i convert the m3u to enigma2 bouquet and put in the list always appear the message sid not found on pat and the m3u is workinbg fine which could be the probem?


  • Without any details it is hard to give an answer which should lead to a solution.

    Probably there went something wrong during conversion. Please post the part of the appr. userbouquet-file (in /etc/enigma2), so with the lines of a Sender which give you that message.

  • DreamOS doesn't use init. systemctl is the way to go. Therefore this can't solve your problem on a Dreambox 900.

    so long

  • i already found the solution to edit the bouquet its needed to stop enigma 2 with init 4 that was all.

    No it is not necessary to restart enigma2 on your box; you can also reload your settinglist (after editting/uploading your userbouquet file) by entering in a telnet/ssh session:

    wget -qO - ""