Order of plugins

  • Hi

    If I install new plugin it is always added under #1.

    How can I change order of plugins under blue button menu?



  • Please install the PluginSort-Plugin.

    In the Plugin Browser you can reorder/sort the Plugins with the green Button.

    After press green key select a Plugin with "Ok"-key and move the Plugin to your place and press "Ok" to set this position.

    For the blue-button menu press menu in the Plugin Browser and select "move Extensions".

    In this list you can also select with "Ok"-key and move the Plugin and set new position with "Ok"-Key.

    After sort you can Exit the move-mode with the green-key.

    Gruß Sven (aka Dreamy)

    (DM920 mit unstable OE2.5 DMM)

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