Enigma Signal Meter - [iOS & Android]

  • THANKS, that works! but title stays from firstly selected service

    If that's really the case it's either problem with connection or a bug,

    I'll need explanation how to reproduce it.

    on Googleplay still v1.0.2 b2282

    It is, 1.0.3 was made specifically for Apple App Store because they required to remove Google Play logo from the app.

    Since it takes around 7 days for Google to process new update I decided to left it as is, next version will have this numbers aligned

    how about use service reference for CH switching, take them from loaded Bouquet services list,

    There is no "loaded Bouquet" concept in Enigma. There is no information of active bouquet, at lease not available over Web interface.

    For example, let's say you're watching "ZDF" in Bouquet "Deutsch", but same "ZDF" service exists in bouquet "Favorites" and "News".

    Web interface provides info about current service, and Enigma Signal Meter will highlight "ZDF" in any bouquet where it's found,

    but there is no way to know what bouquet is currently selected on the receiver. App simply loads list of bouquets, auto selects first bouquet and load services for it.

    In this case, let's say you open the app and it loads first bouquet "Favorites". ZDF is highlited, if I cycle trough the bouquet "Favorites",

    99% of users will not know what's happening and will consider this a bug since they clearly see bouquet "Deutsch" on the TV.

    Or even worse, what if the current service is not in the bouquet user selected in the app, what should app do on Channel+/-, what's the first channel to ZAP?

    How is all of this transparent to a regular user?

  • If that's really the case it's either problem with connection or a bug,

    I'll need explanation how to reproduce it.

    that maybe were reported about previous version,

    now title do change even app isn't touched and service switched by RC

    i can't agree :)

    when bouquet has been selected from app

    then all loaded services references(and their order) must be known

  • I wasn't talking about the app, obviously I know what bouquet is selected in the app, I was talking about Enigma. Problem is 99% expect Channel+/- to work in regard to active bouquet/channel ON THE RECIVER. Like I said, what will happen when you select bouquet in the app (or just open the app), current service IS NOT in that bouquet, and you just switch to signal page? You press Channel +/- and instead of navigating one channel up/down within bouquet they watch ON THE RECEIVER they start zapping the channels from some other bouquet. You're assuming that state of the app is more important than state of the receiver. Users on the other hand tend to trust the receiver as the single source of truth.

  • Dreambox usually is far away when i use Your app on the roof, app must be the Master!


    just hide buttons CH+/CH- until app has got info about selected Bouquet

    and with service reference method You don't have to guess which switching LEFT/RIGHT/BOUQUET+/.. to use


  • Is there someone willing to spend 20 minutes of their time to translate the application to Deutsch?

    I would provide you with access to a web interfaces where you would use simple interfaces to do the translation.

    It's really simple and wouldn't take too much time.

    PM me for the info.


    Gibt es jemanden, der bereit ist, 20 Minuten seiner Zeit damit zu verbringen, die Anwendung ins Deutsche zu übersetzen?

    Ich würde Ihnen Zugriff auf eine Webschnittstelle gewähren, auf der Sie einfache Schnittstellen für die Übersetzung verwenden würden.

    Es ist wirklich einfach und würde nicht zu viel Zeit in Anspruch nehmen.

    PM mich für die Info.


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  • Neue Version 1.0.4 ist verfügbar.


    - Nachrichten an den Empfänger senden

    - Französische Übersetzung

    - Niederländische Übersetzung

    - Spanische Übersetzung

    - Katalanische Übersetzung

    - Italienische Übersetzung

    - Chinesische Übersetzung

    - Deutsche Übersetzung

    - Russische Übersetzung

    Besonderer Dank geht an

    @ Pr2 für die französische Übersetzung der App und der unterstützenden Website

    @jpuigs für die spanische Übersetzung der App und der unterstützenden Website

    @jpuigs für die katalanische Übersetzung der App und der unterstützenden Website

    @Frenske für die niederländische Übersetzung der App

    Die Anwendung steht zum kostenlosen Download für iOS- und Android-Geräte zur Verfügung.


    New version 1.0.4 is available.


    - Send messages to the receiver

    - French translation

    - Dutch translation

    - Spanish translation

    - Catalan translation

    - Italian translation

    - Chinese translation

    - German translation

    - Russian translation

    Special thanks go to

    pr2 for French translation of the App and supporting website
    @jpuigs for Spanish translation of the App and supporting website
    @jpuigs for Catalan translation of the App and supporting website
    @Frenske for Dutch translation of the App

    Application is available for free download for iOS & Android devices.

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