• Hi its a lot of reading but almost all is in German so sorry if i ask a question that have been asked and answerd before :)

    I am also pretty new to working with Dreambox so my skills are somewhat outdated ;)

    But is there no encoder in DreamOS?

    If i check the /proc i cant find anything about encoder.

    So i guess this has to be called in a diffrent way from DreamOS.

    I have read on some other forums that Transcoding is broken? if so is this something thats going to be fixed or is it just gone for now?

    Best Regards Seagen

  • Does the DreamOne have an HDMI Input Plug? No, which means the Box could transcode only live TV or recordings and this would need to be done in Software - which ist curently simply not (yet) implemented.

  • Well then i learned something new to day ;) Did not know that the HDMI In port hade anything todo with Trancoding but that explaince a lot of why some STBs can Transcode

    and others cant.

    But is there any plans for a software transcoder or is thats oldschool with todays Internet getting faster and faster, we can do regular stream over an VPN if we are outside our home network.

    I have aslo try the StreamServer but thats also is a bit hard to get working on the DM One UHD. Or does this also not work ?

    I see that the header of the Web Interface says Beta

    http://my dreambox ip/stream