Dreambox 920UHD, disturbs terrestial tv reception

  • Since some time we have had disturbances of our terrestial reception of local channels.

    Signal quality and strength dropped, and ber raised, so far, that the screen blocked.

    It happens only in a bundle of channels at frequency 610000 khz. -It didn´t effect channels in other bundles.

    After some improvements to our antenna system, without succes, as a last possibility, I disconected our Dreambox from electricity, and this disturbance stopped…

    Even in stand by mode, the 920 UHD causes this disturbance.

    I wonder if anybody else has experienced the same trouble, and of course, what will be the sollution?

    Can it be a faulthy Dreambox, or is there a source in this box, that uses this frequency?

    Thanks in advance. Fr.gr. George

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention, that the Dreambox is connected to a satellite-dish.

    So the tv gets signal from terrestial antenna, and the dream only from satellite.

    Connection between the two is HDMI. But disturbance also occurs, when HDMI is disconnected.

    It only stops, when I put Dreambox in Off position.

  • Thanks for both reactions.

    As for faulthy power supply..? : I think, that we then should have had disturbance on the whole spectre of channels, but it is only one bundle terrestial channels, about 7 stations.

    But if I can find a same type of transformer, I can check that....You never know...???

  • Move the dreambox further from the tv is not very practical, ( for further use.)

    The reason of my problem is without doubt the Dreambox 920 UHD.

    When I put the box on “off “, or take it of electricity, the difference in reception of T.-signal is significant.

    I have tried another new sat receiver on same place, but that didn’t effect the tv.terrestrial signal.

    My question is not really, if the Dream can be the cause.

    It is, as I perceived by “ trial and error “.... Meaning putting it off and on, and observing ber, signal- and quality strength from tv.

    It is more, that I want to know of other Dreamers have had a similar experience, and if somebody has any idea, if this is the start of a breakdown...?

    Because then I have to plan another main-receiver....

    Thanks in advance for eventual advice

  • From a friend, who knows more about mux and frequencies, I got the tip, that the disruption of our terrestial signal could be caused by leakage from the coax cables from the dreambox to the lnb's.

    After I disconnected these ( 3 ) coaxes, it seemed, that there is no more interference...!!???

    I have to test a little more, to make this conclusion 100 %, and still do not have a sollution, but I find this very interesting.

    Fr.gr. George.