Dm7020Hdv2-Dflash Image Backup Error

  • Hi Everyone, I have a Dm7020Hdv2 when doing a full image backup with Dflash, it get an i/o error. Before it is working properly, I am not sure if it’s this problem, I had install Gemini 3 and Enhanced Movie Center and the installation is successful. Another fact is I have not been doing any image backup for quite some time. Please help

  • Errors mean that you waited too Long and have to Flash again a fresh Image before doing a New Backup.

  • Thank you Gutemine for your quick reply.

    Is there any way to make Dflash work again so that I do not need to flash a new image and install all the plugins again?

    Best Regards

  • Please Read my reply ... again ....

    Then Flash your Last backup:)

    If you never did one, you learnt a lesson:

    Don't Wait until It ist too late:(

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