[SOLVED partly] Broken recordings dm920

  • sometime no sound just picture(sorry deleted it)

    but sometime picture freezes after few seconds but sound continues

    example: 2.4 Gb http://www.superfm.lv/m/Dreambox/20190713_1300_-_HTB_HD.ts

    internal SSD

    Enigma2 V4.3.1 (revision: 4.3.2r6, date: 2019-07-10)

    i have had broken recordings before, but two at single day is too much

  • my first impression: this is scrambled content, and the descrambler has not done the work well. The bits for scrambled content are not set .

    But I'm missing valid PES header and video data.

  • annoying lottery still there :(

    1. root@dm920:~$ enigma2 -v
    2. Enigma2 v4.3.1 (revision: 4.3.2r7, date: 2019-07-30)
    3. root@dm920:~$

    several recordings each by each(box were in idle at that time)

    20190803 1100 - HTB HD - ЕДА ЖИВАЯ И МЁРТВАЯ

    2h; 5.03Gb All OK

    20190803 1300 - HTB HD - НАШПОТРЕБНАДЗОР

    1h; 2.78Gb NO SOUND(dm920 and VLC Win10), Win10 Media Player can't play it, only first frame displayed

    20190803 1400 - HTB HD - ПОЕДЕМ, ПОЕДИМ!

    1h; 4.16Gb All OK

    another day(box were in use)

    20190804 1015 - HTB HD - ПЕРВАЯ ПЕРЕДАЧА

    45m; 1.70Gb All OK

    20190804 1100 - HTB HD - ЧУДО ТЕХНИКИ

    2h; 5.47Gb OK just till 47:09, then minute with huge dropouts and end

    20190804 1300 - HTB HD - НАШПОТРЕБНАДЗОР

    1h; 3.32Gb NO VIDEO NO SOUND

    20190804 1410 - HTB HD - ПОЕДЕМ, ПОЕДИМ! (0+)

    1h; 4.05Gb NO VIDEO NO SOUND

  • sad, but i can't be original :(

    20190810 1016 - HTB HD - ГЛАВНАЯ ДОРОГА.ts

    44m; 2.12Gb All OK

    20190810 1100 - HTB HD - ЕДА ЖИВАЯ И МЁРТВАЯ.ts

    2h; ??Gb(have deleted) All OK

    20190810 1300 - HTB HD - НАШПОТРЕБНАДЗОР.ts

    1h; 2.74Gb Sound OK NO VIDEO

    20190810 1400 - HTB HD - ПОЕДЕМ, ПОЕДИМ!.ts

    1h; 70Mb(right now started) All OK

    box in idle

    last hours journal attached

  • I think i found the problem.

    Sometimes the servicereference for the HBO service is


    and sometimes it is


    The difference is the DVB service type (third parameter) ... 1 (digital television service) vs 19 (H.264/AVC HD digital television service)

    This messes up enigma2. And stupidly ensures that a new connection to the "external tool" is generated. Do you know how that happens? Several bouquets where the service is included? Or maybe this will also generate the autotimer or an EPG query. Let's see if and how I can fix that.

  • bouquet width :19:

    lamedb widh :25:

    timer.xml widh random, some of events were added from Partnerbox

    Receivers: dm920sstsst; dm900sst; dm8000sstt <-Diseq1x4(1.0)<-3x Diseq1x10(1.1)<-
    1.8m + 42E;36E;28E;23E;19E;16E
    1.6m + 13E;10/9E;5E;1W;8W
    1.6m + 75E;85E
    1.1m + 53/55E;60E
    1.1m + 12W;18W;24W
    1.0m + 15W;22W;30W
    1.0m + 7E;4/5W
    TVs: Philips 46pfl9707s; Philips 42pfl9703h

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  • Ghost


    all eight sunday's recordings done in perfect condition :)

    box were in idle all day long,

    when recorded files interrupted during recording, i'm guessing,

    there is some problem with tuner independence of TripleTuner Si2169D,

    do i have to start new tread for it or continue there?

    log files not saved yet

  • solved partly:

    1. video without audio - SOLVED

    2. audio without video - SOLVED

    3. interrupted recordings were caused Twin tuners independence problem,

    it's still there couple of years and looks like solution isn't planned at all :(

    i started separate tread:

    Triple Tuner Si2169D tuners independence problem

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