Record another program if no signal

  • I'm looking for any help how to do that.

    I have cyclic timer scheduled on HD channel, but sometimes if bad weather there is no signal there.

    I would like to record SD version then. Could anyone propose any solution?

    Thank you :)

  • Adjust your antenna, or buy a bigger one. ;)

    SD channels are not easyer to receive as a HD channel.

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  • Define the SD channel as an alternative to the HD channel. But honestly, I think this only works if the channel cannot be used due to transponder restriction. But you could test it.


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  • Swiss-MAD HD channel has 8dB on 120cm, and SD version 15dB on 80cm :D Both are located on other position and I can't mount bigger dish.

    dre Thanks I will try it :)

    Anyway to be more clear - I'm looking for any software solution - writting own timer plugin or python script to check signal and deactivate/activate timer on demand. Help needed if this is possible?

  • Technically and partially yes, because it already now supports to start streaming from another box on a Tuner not available error, but this is easy and predictable (especially on a single tuner box), but handling a lost signal error like that would be .... weird ... despite that it could work that way.

    BUT I would see any potential for such a solution only being sensemaking for Live TV - having a recording with a non-predictable channel switch would not be a joyfull experience.

    And for Live TV, when reception on a transponder dies because of heavy rain it is probably better to use the remote to switch to another one instead of starting the box doing such strange things on her own.

  • Thank you everybody! I finally have written own python script with enigma2 web api requests, works as needed using cron. I can share it via PM.