Dreambox One Ultra HD - questions

  • I am considering the purchase of a new satalite receiver to replace the one from my sat-provider "TV Vlaanderen" (old SAT801-M7 receiver which keeps refusing to record anything).

    I would also like it to double as a media player and android player so I can replace my DUNE-player and my "smart-TV dongle" all at the same time.

    So I have a few questions about the new Dreambox One Ultra HD 2x DVB-S2X MIS Tuner 4K 2160p E2 Linux Dual Wifi H.265 HEVC:

    - Does it come with a duallboot Android or Android TV 8.x pre-installed?

    - Can it read AND write to external HDD's formatted with the NTFS-file system?

    - Can it connect to a Synology NAS and use use it to WRITE to it (so use Synology as external storage) ?

    - Is it possible to add or replace one of the DVB-S tuners with a DVB-C/T tuner?

    - Can it run XBMC / KODI 18.x builds?

    - Any ideas on its "autorefresh" performance ( = i.e. capability to switch seamless between content in different formats NTFS/PAL/SECAM/23frames/25frames/50hz/60Hz/ ... )

    Thanks for reading.


  • Thanks!

    Most of my questions were answered.

    I should have known that if it runs Linux (I suppose the Enigma2 runs on OpenPli) then the possibilities are indeed endless. (but getting it to do exactly what I want will probably be endless too :) )

    Most of the local tv-shows I watch are now available via free streaming services, so if I can get the streaming TV-apps (like VRT NU or VTM GO) to work on the receiver, it could double as an Android-TV player.

    Do you have any other suggestions / alternatives I should look into? Or should I just order one and hope for the best?

  • I like the assumption that Enigma2 runs on OpenPli. If anything, OpenPli is running on a *very old* and very dated version of Engima2 :) The Dreambox One runs the latest version of DreamOS and yes, the possibilities really are endless. There are plans that future versions of DreamOS for the Dreambox One will support Android TV and possibly even Kodi through dual boot but the release dates have not yet been officially confirmed.