Scanning a tuner by a linux command or a script

  • Hi,

    I've been searching the Internet to find out if there's a way to launch a scan in any Enigma2 boxes by either a linux command or a script.

    Would this depend also on the image used would it be the same for every Enigma2 images?

  • several years ago i have wrote my own /usr/script/ (chmod 755)

    to able collect new services on stored transponders and register gone transponders

    that worked well on the dm8000, but became useless on dm9*0

    cause on lost transpoders newer Enigma2 shows random dB values for the signal

    and i lost ability detect is it tuned or not, older Enigma2 shows small dB values when tune failed.


    Enigma1 had `Signal Lock` info in the web-if while Enigma2 doesn't :(