Boost picture and audio quality in DM520

  • Dear Members,

    I have figured out and want to share here a method for to increase video and audio quality in DM520.

    1- Make Bouquet of Channels

    2- Download it from WebIF

    3- Now play this list with any IPTV player or make its Bouquet again in DM520.

    You will observe a significant improvement in both Audio and Video quality of the service.


    Pictorial guide

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  • Hmmmm. The video and audio come straight from the SoC. Apart from scalar sharpness nothing can be adjusted in the box itself. All other 'adjustments' must be done externally...

  • The videodecoder, postprocessing filters like sharpness and used scaler have a significant impact on picture quality.

    The same recording played on a dreambox, a good blu-ray player and a amazon fire stick looks different, you see much more details on some devices.

    The sharpness control on the broadcom soc generate a different picture.

    the statement from atheart is not completly wrong. The quality depends from the the used devices and settings.


    You can improve the picture quality, if you install the plugin advanced video settings und adapt the sharpness control settings.

    Some other devices have out of the box a better picture quality than a broadcom based dreambox.
    Not everyone will see the difference.


    Please check it with a high quality sample with a dm52x or dm9x0 and a dreambox one. Do you see there a difference?

  • dhwz


    3- Now play this list with any IPTV player or make its Bouquet again in DM520.

    Die erste Hälfte interpretiere ich als anderes Gerät. Das Abspielen auf dem selben Gerät halte ich nicht für zielführend,

    ein Einfluß auf die Qualität ist für mich hier nicht logisch.

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