Can I create a working Tvheadend server buying the DM920?

  • Hi all,

    I'm a beginner in this world,.

    My basically question is: can I with a DM920 with 4 sat tuner connected to 4 way splitter to the parabola, to stream and view 4 channel separately at the same time (bed room, child room, kitchen, living room)?
    In the past I was appassionate to tvheadend, so I asked if it's possible install it on dreambox, or if dreambox tuners are identified in to the lan from tvheadend.

    Thanks in advance

  • Sorry for my little comprehension about this argument, I was looking for lnb unicable on amazon but i can't understand.

    There are different types, with 1,2,3 or 4 antenna way. Should I buy that one with 4 way and connect it to the dreambox (
    assuming it has 2 dual tuners dvb-s2)via 4 sat cable?

  • Unicable LNB, FBC Tuner, no spiltter.
    or Unicable LNB, 2x Twin or Triple Tuner, 1 Splitter

    And there is NO need vor TVHeadend to stream from Dreamboxes

    Always a point of view. If your house is fitted with modern TVs (e.g. from Panasonic), if you like to watch TV with different devices like Tablets or Notebooks (DVBViewer) ... SAT>IP is the standard, not propietary plugins on constantly electricity consuming STBs) . Ok, you wrote "Dreamboxes". But the days are over when you plaster your entire house with set-top boxes. One of the last reasons to run my last used Dreambox 24h/d would be if she could supply my equipment as a SAT> IP server in the whole house.