Strange Bug / Problem in DM520

  • Hello Dear Experts

    I am facing a problem on two following Free to Air Channels broadcasted from PakSat 38 east.

    1- Lahore Rang TV (T.P 4132 V PakSat 38 East )
    2- Such TV (T.P 4096 V PakSat 38 East )

    In Dreambox receiver only audio of these channels is working while the video is not shown. But when I decrease signal strength of these channels then after some scratches these channels work fine for longer hours and when I change channel then again they don't open video of the Channels. Or when I pause these channels and after some seconds rewind these channels then the screen of channels is shown but don't play smoothly.

    However these channels are working fine on China based and Amiko Alien 2 receiver and on Mobile and TV connected through DLNA function of the Dreambox DM520 receiver.

    Here is video link of these channels recorded from Dreambox DM520 receiver.

    1- Lahore Rung TV…JQfcX2MnR4oCfVhLP_WaQFslZ

    2- Such TV…2CSqeCpHBtZiYGLm4p_b6SvGW

    Kindly look into the matter and solve the problem in the coming firmware updates of Dreambox DM520 Receiver.

    Thanking you in Advance.

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  • More than 24 hours has passed, but no one has bothered to reply.

    Kindly some one suggest the solution for this problem.

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  • These are C-Band frequencies! The build in tuner is a Ku-band. You can perform a calculated 'trick' to fool the tuner but the results will vary from LNB to LNB based on the LOF frequency...