PowerVu Bug / Problem in DM520

  • You can 'fish' for a solution as long as you want! Even if you own a card for the specific services Dream does *not* support it and never will from a official point of view! Dream only supports DreamCrypt (as a 'hook-up' how to implement a softcam) and CI modules (if the box has a CI slot.

    All other options are deemed illegal since Dream holds no further licences...

    If you want you can change the image in your box that *does* support your desired functions..

    You need to fix or change the SOC drivers, which is not possible, unless you have a license or NDA agreement with BroadCom.
    So the only one who can make any changes is Dream Property.

    It has nothing to do with legal/illegal issues.
    There is an already implemented ioctl() in the drivers, which has a bug!
    It seems to me a bug for existing functionality needs to be fixed.

  • @adrik
    There is no bug on Dreambox side, only on external tools (which is now solved). Or other said the bug is existing on any other (foreign) hardware, only the Dreambox ioctl is working properly (that's the reason why the external tool was broken for ages).